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I finished the work in less than an hour. How much is that? She's wearing eye shadow. I'm sorry, but I don't have any small change. Do you think I'm too old to go back to school? That's the absolute truth. I have a dull feeling. Don't worry about the past. Let's leave the decision to Tom. We'll change trains at the next station.
Eminem Deja Vu: - It frosted last night.
- The teacher treated all the students fairly.
- The park is open to everybody.
- He's much younger than Tom.
- How far is it from here?
- I can't figure out how to delete what I just posted.
- I think it's worth a try.
- This school has many students.
- Ten teams competed for the prize.
- He was standing at the door.
When will you get through with work? Social customs vary from country to country. She understands him. Something is wrong with this calculator. Take good care of yourself. OK, I'll put them in the back for you. Where are you going? Liquor is not sold at this store. Your father seems very nice. She advised him where he should stay. Tom was late for dinner.

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