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It's fine today. What a let-down! He is a highly paid man. Where is your father? I know that it is highly unlikely that anyone can help me. All plants need water and light. I can't manage. Can you help? Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Is your father still working? How much will it cost? The fat woman was holding a monkey.
Possession: - Where is your cap?
- I am Saravanan calling from Singapore. Would you please call Mr. Raja your neighbour?
- The woman is reading.
- Anyway, it really doesn't matter. If I can't find a job I'll probably go back to school to get my Masters degree.
- It was a very big room.
- How many rooms are there in that house?
- She advised him not to do that.
- We saw a stranger enter the house.
- Please hold the line a moment.
- The longer I stayed in Paris, the more I liked it.
She gave him something cold to drink. We played baseball yesterday. I go to bed at 10.30. We plan to climb that mountain. Charge this to my company. Are you writing a letter? Do you know where she is? I'm awake. Has your brother been to California? My father has never been sick in his life.

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